Glycosmedia Review – An orthopaedics guide for today’s GP

Glycosmedia Review – An orthopaedics guide for today’s GP

Glycosmedia Review – An orthopaedics guide for today’s GP

From the article – The title really says it all and in my humble opinion; the book achieves the aim of the title very successfullyRead more from the Glycosmedia Review by clicking here…..


An Orthopaedics Guide for Today’s GP

by Maneesh Bhatia

Maneesh Bhatia
Available from 19th June 2017 by CRC Press

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Hardback – £99.000 – Paperback – £34.99


A uniquely practical handbook for GPs dealing with musculoskeletal disorders.

More than 1 in 5 GP consultations are for patients with musculoskeletal problems. As the population ages, ‘degenerative’ conditions will continue to increase. This book helps practitioners to cope with the major workload and burden on primary care services represented by these problems.

The guidance reflects the 2014 NICE Guidelines on Musculoskeletal Disorder Management.

Injection techniques are included, increasingly administered by the GP.

Covers extremities like hand, ankle and foot, neglected in existing orthopaedic guides despite frequent presentation.


This practical handbook is an essential reference for GPs when dealing with musculoskeletal disorders, as well as a useful exam prep aid for the common MSK cases that occur in the CSA. Responding to increasing pressures on GPs to reduce the number of referrals and treat more patients in the community, the book covers a breadth of orthopaedic disorders, with clear colour photographs and diagrams to demonstrate techniques in practice.

Chapters are authored by experts in each disorder with GP input, putting a strong focus on diagnosis and easy-to-follow processes for deciding courses of action and investigation. Each section explores the range of treatment options for that topic, including step-by-step injection techniques where relevant, and signposts need-to-know areas with ‘red flags’.

This is an important reach-for guide to assist GPs with easy diagnosis and to provide clear direction on next recommended steps.